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With Luther Quest, many people are introduced to Lutheran doctrine for the first time. Or, they may be seeing more than they've heard before. Since Christians are always referring to the Book, it only seems right for us to provide a list of other books to help you in your study.

Below is a list of various books from a conservative, confessional Lutheran background. Some of the titles have been unabashedly gleaned from other's lists. Some have been added by surveying the Luther Quest participants. And a few just added in from searching what's available. Check back often, as this list is always under development. It was last updated on October 7, 2005.

The books are arranged in categories. They are:

Bible Study, Confessions of Faith, Doctrine, General, Lutheran History, and Sacraments.

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Bible Study

Biblical Interpretation - The Only Right Way
David Kuske

How do you interpret the Scriptures? There are many ways, but only one Biblical way.

In Search of the Biblical Order: An Analysis of Coded Structure in the Book of Revelation and Other Visions
Jack Cascione

An examination of specific word patterns, their poetic usage, and meaning in the Book of Revelation by a Lutheran pastor.

Luther's Works Lectures on Galatians: Chapters 1 – 4
Martin Luther

Many times you hear people focusing on Luther's commentary on the Book of Romans. However, you haven't read theology until you've read his study on Galatians. This volume contains his 1535 lectures on chapters one through four. If you get this book, you should also get the second volume as well.

Luther's Works Lectures on Galatians: Chapters 5 – 6
Martin Luther

The continuation on Luther's lectures on Galatians. It also includes his complete 1519 series of lectures on the whole book. This book should be bought together with the preceding volume.

To the Ends of the Earth: A Journey Through Acts
Alvin L. Barry

A commentary on the Book of Acts by Dr. Alvin Barry, past president of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.

Confessions of Faith

Book of Concord
Robert Kolb, et al

The first new translation of the Lutheran Confessions into English since the Tappert edition.

Book of Concord on CD-ROM
Robert Kolb, et al

The complete Book of Concord mentioned above on CD-ROM.

Getting into the Theology of Concord — A Study of the Book of Concord
Robert Preus

An analysis by the past president of Concordia Theological Seminary in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Dr. Preus examines the theology of the Lutheran Confessions and how they apply today.

Historical Introductions to the Book of Concord
F. Bente

Originally published in the Concordia Triglotta of the 1920's from Concordia Publishing House. These introductions provide the context and historical setting of the Confessions.

Luther's Large Catechism: A Contemporary Translation With Study Questions
Martin Luther

A handy, contemporary translation of Luther's Large Catechism. The LC was written primarily for pastors. But it's a great, practical study of Christian doctrine for adults.

Luther's Small Catechism Annotated by Edward W.A. Koehler
Edward W.A. Koehler

Luther's Small Catechism is reproduced along with questions and answers on Christian doctrine by Edward Koehler.

Luther's Small Catechism With Explanation
Martin Luther

A contemporary translation of Luther's Small Catechism with notes and a question/answer section. The Scripture verses are from the New International Version.

Sources and Contexts of the Book of Concord
Robert Kolb, et al

Additional background and source material from the recent translation of the Confessions by Kolb.


Bondage of the Will
Martin Luther

Is our conscience free? Do we have a say in our spiritual choices? Contrary to the evangelical world, Luther's teachings on the will bound by sin fly smack in the face of reason.

Foolishness of God
Siegbert W. Becker

Dr. Becker examines Luther's approach to reason and Scripture. An important study in light of Protestantism's sad use of reason over Scripture.

God's No and God's Yes
C.F.W. Walther

A more basic presentation of Walther's Law and Gospel. Great for an introduction to the concepts.

Handling The Word Of Truth: Law And Gospel In The Church Today
John T. Pless

A modern updating on Walther's Law and Gospel including illustrations from today. Each chapter contains discussion questions, making it ideal for group study.

Justification and Rome
Robert D. Preus and Daniel Preus

What has changed between Rome and Wittenberg since the 16th century? Not much. Dr. Preus examines the key doctrine of Justification and finds little to agree on, in spite of what you've heard.

Law and Gospel: Foundation of Lutheran Ministry with Special Reference to the Church Growth Movement
Robert J. Koester

A Lutheran examination of the erring Church Growth Movement's focus on the theology of glory versus the theology of the cross.

Light from Above: A Popular Presentation of Christian Doctrine
Edward W.A. Koehler

A great introductory book on Christian doctrine for the laity.

Lutheran Worship: History and Practice
Fred L. Precht, Ed.

Historical introductions and examinations of the practice of worship throughout the history of the Lutheran Church.

Ministry, Word, and Sacraments: An Enchiridion
Martin Chemnitz

A question and answer book on the topics of the pastoral office, preaching and the Word, and the Sacraments. Written by a pillar of Lutheranism who became known as the "Second Martin". This book is well written for both the clergy and laity.

Proper Distinction Between Law and Gospel
C.F.W. Walther

Walther's invaluable treatise on the two sides of the coin in Scripture, Law and Gospel. It's proper distinction is key to avoid falling into error.

Sanctification, Christ in Action
Harold L. Senkbeil

By definition, being made holy. Examines how evangelicalism has affected Lutheranism in the past century and the way back to what Sanctification really is.

Summary of Christian Doctrine
Edward W.A. Koehler

An excellent study of Lutheran doctrine for laymen as well as clergy. The version linked to here is the 3rd revised edition, using the text of the New King James Bible, due out in 2006. The 2nd revised version with the King James Version text is still available from Concordia Publishing House.

Theology of the Lutheran Confessions
Edmund Schlink
Translated by Paul F. Koehneke and Herbert J.A. Bouman

A translation of Theologie Der Lutherischen Bekenntnisschriften.
This book points the reader to Scripture as the basis of the Lutheran Confessions. These documents remain the church's summary exposition of Scripture.


Defense Never Rests: A Lawyer's Quest for the Gospel
Craig A. Parton

The personal story of a lawyer who went from being an unbeliever to an Evangelical Christian. He discovered the errors and pitfalls of Evangelical Christianity and eventually discovered the truth of the Reformation.

Dying to Live: The Power of Forgiveness
Harold L. Senkbeil

How the Word and Sacraments help form believers into Christ's image. An examination of spirituality.

The Fire And The Staff: Lutheran Theology In Practice
Klemet I. Preus

Many Lutherans are sacrificing Lutheran doctrine for American Protestant Evangelicalism in practice, which has a reciprocal relationship that changes the doctrine. Excellent study!

God at Work: Your Christian Vocation in All of Life
Gene Edward Veith

Luther emphasized the vocation or calling of every Christian in their daily lives. Mr. Veith examines the vocation we all have as Christians in our everyday lives.

Speaking the Gospel Today: A Theology for Evangelism
Robert Kolb

Most evangelism programs are sadly Reformed in their approach and focused on decision theology. Kolb provides a common sense, scriptural method of outreach for Lutheran congregations.

Spirituality of the Cross: The Way of the First Evangelicals
Gene Edward Veith

The sacramental life of the cross as examined by a convert from evangelicalism to Lutheranism.

Testing the Claims of Church Growth
Rodney E. Zwonitzer

Marketing and business principles have hindered the church for the past quarter century or more. A Lutheran pastor examines the claims made by church growth, whether they're worldly or scriptural, and then provides a confessional Lutheran approach.

Why I am a Lutheran: Jesus at the Center
Daniel Preus

A new, refreshing write-up on Christian doctrine, as taught correctly in the Lutheran Church. The author is the First Vice-president of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. Prior to that he was the Director of the Concordia Historical Institute.

Lutheran History

Luther: The Movie
Starring: Joseph Fiennes
Directed by: Eric Till

The 2003 movie by Director Eric Till, who also directed "Bonhoeffer".

Luther the Reformer
James M. Kittelson

A thorough biography of Dr. Martin Luther.

Luther: Biography of a Reformer
Frederick Nohl

A short biography of Martin Luther with illustrations from the recent "Luther: The Movie".

Martin Luther and the Long Reformation
James G. Kiecker

The history of the Reformation and its most famous participant.

What Luther Says: A Practical In-home Anthology for the Active Christian
Martin Luther, Ewald Plass, Ed.

Instead of buying an expensive copy of Luther's Works, the reader can get a one-volume source of Luther quotes on a wide variety of topics.

What's Going on Among the Lutherans? A Comparison of Beliefs
Patsy A. Leppien and J. Kincaid Smith

Looking at the beliefs and practices of the main Lutheran denominations in America today.


Baptized Into God's Family: The Doctrine of Infant Baptism for Today
A. Andrew Das

The Sacraments are always under attack. But nothing is more misunderstood by baptizing denominations than infant baptism. This book examines the practice from a Scriptural and historical background.

Lord's Supper: Confessional Lutheran Dogmatics
John R. Stephenson

A contemporary/confessional Lutheran dogmatic study of the Lord's Supper. The Lord's Supper, as one of the sacraments, is always under attack by liberal Christianity. In three sections Stephenson examines what Communion is, how we are to do it, and the benefits we receive.

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