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We have been fortunate to be online since 1999. In all this time, we have been asked, on occasion, whether we had a bumper sticker, hat, coffee mug, etc. available with the Luther Quest name or website address on it. That changed in 2004 with the launch of our first online store.

Both of our online stores are hosted by CafePress which carries merchandise with our website address and a saying or two. We have contacted a few of the LQ regulars "out there" with keen senses of humor, to give us some suggestions. Also, a member of Rev. Cascione's last congregation is a graphic artist. His name is Michael Schwartz. Mike took the time to not only put Luther's Coat of Arms on the shield, but also to use 16th century German armor to match the time of the Reformation. Great job, Mike! Anyone interested in contacting Mike for design work can reach him at the linked email address above. We have gone ahead and placed this logo on several items in the main store.

For those not familiar with CafePress, they imprint and sell various products "on demand" for companies and individuals who provide their own graphics. Our products have a modest markup to help offset the cost of running our website (hosting and software). All of the merchandise is prepared and shipped by CafePress. At LQ we setup the graphics and choose the products. Our participation within CafePress is not an endorsement by Luther Quest or its Owner of the content, beliefs, or goals of other Stores within CafePress.

The link for our original store is:

You will note above we mentioned "stores". In August 2016 your humble LQ Webmaster ventured out and put up a few bumper stickers he had designed on Zazzle. Rev. Cascione liked them and was open to making them available on LQ as well. He even added one of his own. The new store is also within CafePress and named, tongue in cheek:

Reformation Indulgences

As with the original LQ Online Store, all profits (modest as they are) go to help LQ stay online. We appreciate your business. And, we are open to suggestions! If you have a quip or design, please contact the Webmaster.

August 27, 2016

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