Lawyer Seeks List of Charges From LCMS In Werning Against Cascione

By: Rev. Jack Cascione

In order to defend himself from the LCMS Corporation based on charges filed against him by Dr. Waldo Werning, Pastor Jack Cascione has contracted with and retained the services of Attorney Thomas E. Majerowicz, an expert in labor law, (of Puzzuoli, Hribar, Iafrate, Majerowicz, Garber, Jansen & Kohler, at 16931 Nineteen Mile Road, Clinton Township, Michigan 48038, Phone (586)-263-1600, Fax: (586) 263-1430).

Werning began filing charges in June 2001 against Cascione for breaking the Eighth Commandment because Cascione published that the following statements about God in Werning’s book, “Health and Healing for the LCMS” are false doctrine and lies about God:

  1. “experiencing God in a three-fold manner"
  2. “three manners of being (God above us, God among us, God in us)”
  3. “three levels of reality [in God] (nature, history, existence)”
  4. “three ways in which God reveals Himself”
  5. “three forms of address [from God] ('You shall!,' 'You may!,' 'You can!')”
  6. “one of the three ways in which God has revealed Himself”

According to the Athanasian Creed, if anyone actually believed the above statements given to every delegate at the 2001 LCMS Convention, they would be eternally damned.  Werning’s statements divide God into three parts, destroy the Doctrine of the Trinity, and reject the Synod’s confession of the true God.  There can’t be three separate external actions in God.  Pieper maintains in Vol. I of “Christian Dogmatics,” “since all three Persons possess the same divine essence, attributes, and works, therefore one and the same divine worship is due each Person.”  (Pages 387, 392, 399, 410, 411, 415, 420, 421, 422, 423)

By proclaiming his objections to false doctrine in the Missouri Synod, a pastor can be charged with breaking the Eighth Commandment in the LCMS Dispute Resolution Process.  Telling the truth about God in the Missouri Synod is now grounds to charge an LCMS Pastor with being a liar.  The Synod is relying on “leadership” instead of Christian Doctrine.

After repeated requests to the Synodical attorney from Majerowicz, the Synodical Attorney has yet to provide a final statement of charges to Cascione.

Cascione seeks additional information from interested parties in the development of this case.  Thus far, Attorney Majerowicz has outlined the following issues in this case with his client Pastor Cascione, as follows:

The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Corporation has falsely claimed to administer in behalf of Pastor Cascione a fair and impartial grievance process based on the rules of evidence in order to arrive at a just and equitable resolution of the charges filed by Dr. Werning against Pastor Cascione.

1. The Synod is in breach of contract for not providing Pastor Cascione a written, concise statement containing factual assertions of contended or conflicted issues in the dispute as required by Bylaw 8.03.

a. At the first Reconciliation meeting in February 2004, Werning stated there were more than 460 charges against Cascione.  From February until the end of June 2004, Werning increased the number of charges to 930.

b. The Synodical attorney has not supplied a written concise statement containing 930 factual assertions.

2. In violation of its stated purpose of promoting religion, LCMS Inc. has nullified its immunity to litigation under the separation of Church and State with the following statement signed by Synodical Reconciler Dr. Jeannie Rakow:  “The participants were informed that the reconciler was not a theological scholar and therefore was not equipped to provide an opinion on or interpretation of Lutheran doctrine.  It was also stated, by the reconciler, that the reconciliation meeting was not a forum for resolution of the synodical doctrinal issues.”

[When LCMS Vice President Wallace Schulz met before a Dispute Resolution Panel to resolve the charges against Dr. David Benke for praying in a service with heathen clergy, Schulz was falsely led to believe that the process was dealing with Synodical doctrine.  The Dispute Resolution Panel deals with bylaws and not synodical doctrine.]

3. Officers of LCMS Inc. commit fraud in the Dispute Resolution Process and seek to willfully harm, injure, and defame Pastor Cascione with the intent to remove his means of support.

a. The increasing number of charges accepted by LCMS Inc. from Dr. Werning during the Dispute Resolution Process is designed to prevent Pastor Cascione from providing any reasonable defense.

b. The Synodical President published that Pastor Cascione was accused of breaking the Eighth Commandment before the first Reconciliation meeting in violation of the Synodical Corporation’s bylaw.

c. In behalf of the LCMS Corporation, South Wisconsin District President Ron Meyer is guilty of liable for publishing that Pastor Cascione is guilty of breaking the Eighth Commandment before he had any communication with Pastor Cascione.

d. The Synodical President signed a statement of accusation against Cascione to the LCMS Praesidium but stated that the charges would come from Dr. Werning.  The Synodical President assigned Werning the right to act as the accuser and also as an executive of the LCMS Corporation’s Dispute Resolution Process in Werning against Cascione.

e. The Synodical President showed prejudice against Cascione by agreeing that Werning file charges against Cascione, regardless of the Synod’s official public doctrine rejecting Werning’s teaching of the Trinity.

4. The Chairman of the Dispute Resolution Panel requested that Pastor Cascione explain in writing why Dr. Werning is filing charges against him, thus asking the defendant to assist LCMS Inc. in his own prosecution.

5. The Panel Chairman, a member of the LCMS, is guilty of conflict of interest.  He has refused to state which members of the panel are members of “Jesus First,” a non-profit political corporation registered in the State of Missouri .

a. Cascione has published his objection to Werning’s false doctrine of the Trinity, in Werning’s book “Health and Healing for the LCMS.”

b. “Jesus First” has publicly endorsed Werning’s book and the reelection of the Synodical President.

c. Members of the “Jesus First” corporation are using the LCMS Dispute Resolution Process to harm, harass, defame, and injure its political opponent, Pastor Cascione.

In Werning against Cascione, The LCMS Corporation demonstrates its abandonment of reason, logic, and desire to seek truth.  It is difficult to comprehend the LCMS Corporation’s gross incompetence, negligence, and caviler regard for justice in its administration of “Werning against Cascione.”  One would hardly expect such a degeneration of ethics and values from a nationwide church body with a reputation for teaching the truth about the Bible.

Under the United States Constitution, a church body is free to abandon the rules of evidence and unbiased due process and assume the practice of cult activity while claiming to resolve its disputes equitably.  By the standard of American justice, the LCMS Corporation’s administration of its Dispute Resolution Process is a judicial farce.


July 4, 2004