God’s Blessings To Cancer Patient Rev. Ed Balfour, LCMS BOD

By: Rev. Jack Cascione

In the midst of conflict between LCMS President Gerald Kieschnick and the LCMS Board of Directors, Rev. Ed Balfour, a member of the BOD, has undergone two surgeries for cancer and is now on chemotherapy.

Balfour plans to attend the 2004 Convention.

The LCMS Nominating Committee Chairman, who claims that the Committee was guided by the Holy Spirit, has refused to place Balfour’s name on the ballot for re-nomination to the BOD.

The most recent issue of the Reporter has published a ringing rebuke of “unofficial publications.”  They encourage readers to believe what comes from St. Louis , but not other members of the LCMS.

It is the unofficial publications, which are obviously not being officially led by the Holy Spirit, that are encouraging the reelection of Rev. Balfour.

Coincidently, Balfour believes that the Brian Cave Law Firm has given the LCMS BOD a correct interpretation of Missouri Law.

This unofficial communication prays for Rev. Balfour’s recovery and reelection.

 July 7,2004