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Repetition in the Bible

By Gioacchino Michael Cascione
Edited by David Kuske Robert Dargatz Rolf Preus

  • Examines repetition in both the Old and New Testaments
  • Explores the form, origin, and purpose of repetition in the Bible
  • Evidence for the authenticity of Scripture
  • Evaluates the text as an ancient artifact
  • Quotes more than 5,000 verses as evidence of repetition in the Bible
  • Translates all repetition from the Greek and Hebrew for the lay reader
  • Written for students of the Bible
  • Softcover (6 x 9 inch): 424 pages

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In Search of the Biblical Order
Patterns in the Text Affirming Divine Authorship from Revelation to Genesis
By Gioacchino Michael Cascione
Edited by Professor David P. Kuske

  • Designed for the lay reader
  • Locates and displays thousands of patterns found in the Biblical text
  • Displays patterns in the Biblical text as ancient art from Genesis to Revelation
  • Explains the meaning and significance of patterns in the Biblical text
  • Includes a new translation of The Book of Revelation in aesthetic format
  • Presents a new method to verify the accuracy of Old and New Testament manuscripts
  • Pursues the divine style, an artifact of God's presence on earth

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About the Author

Gioacchino Michael Cascione is the author of In Search of the Biblical Order published in 1987 and an expanded edition in 2012. He earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville and became a professor of art at the University of Southern Indiana University from 1974-77. He earned a Master of Divinity degree from Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne and served congregations from 1981-2012.

Rev. Cascione is available for media appearances. Feel free to contact us to make the necessary arrangements. Reviewers can use the same link to request a copy of the book.


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