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Submit an Article

We are looking for articles to publish on our site that are related to the topic of C.F.W. Walther, Luther, the Confessions, and the Catechism, all sources of the theology he supported. Those with original articles, or articles from others*, please send them to the site owner,  If possible, please include a brief biography on the author and an email address for readers to contact you with comments if you like. Include your article as an attachment to the email. Please submit your article in Rich Text Format (RTF) or even as a plain text file.

    Articles considered for publication will be reviewed by the Reclaiming Walther owner for acceptable content. Receipt does not imply that the article will be published. Some of the articles that are published may also be sent out to our mailing list, Reclaim News. All articles will be considered the property of the author and the opinions expressed in them as their own. In light of the current divisions on the doctrine of Church and Ministry in the LCMS, associated with Walther's book of the same title, we are particularly interested in articles dealing with the pros and cons on these issues. Articles on justification and the sacraments are also encouraged.

    Reclaiming Walther may publish articles with which we profoundly disagree, but believes that factions representing divergent views within the LCMS will not disappear by just ignoring their positions. There will be opportunity for debate and rebuttal in the light of Scripture and the Confessions. We believe this position reflects the approach taken by the man whose name we've placed on this website.

    *Material from writers other than the person submitting the article must be accompanied by permission to post the article by the original author or copyright holder.

    No copyrighted material will knowingly be published on this website without the express permission of the copyright holder. Mistakes can happen. If copyrighted material is inadvertently published and the copyright owner would like it taken down, please contact the site owner immediately at