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Affirm Claims It Can't Win Without Cascione, Otten, Driessnack
After the First 75 Years, Missouri Knew What It Was Doing
Albert Schweitzer Achieves Quest For His Own Irrelevance
Announcing the Third National Free Conference on C.F.W. Walther
The ANTICHRIST Bible Study
Rev. Neil R. Schmidt
Atlantic District Issues 6 Questions: Texas Concord Replies
Rev. Al Loeschman
Atlantic District Threatens Disciplinary Action
Atlantic District Warns Walther Conference Not To Show 911 Video
Attorney Martin Nussbaum To Reclaim News And Our Reply
Attorney to File Class Action Suit Against LCMS Foundation
Balance: Two Years Too Late on PLI
Baptism is Necessary for the Salvation of Children and Adults
Barry: A+ On Church and Ministry, However...
Barry Confronts Media & Church Confusion About Christ
Barry Meets With PLI & Reclaim News Response
Battle for LCMS Church Property Intensifies
The Battle to Keep Voters' Assemblies
Benke Admits To Media 'Prayer Is Worship'
Benke Case: Is Prayer An Act of Worship?
Benke Defends Pagan Religions as "Faith" On PBS
Benke Defense Team Threatens Legal Action
Benke Case Reversal Based On Bylaws Instead of Bible Says Panel
Benke Claims 'Muslim God is also the true God.
Benke Confesses Jesus Christ is the Only Savior
Benke Is Suspended
Benke's Prayer: Where's the Gospel?
By Rev. David Oberdieck
Benke-Matzat VS. Schultz At Suncoast Casino, Las Vegas
Benke's Request for Correction Forwarded to Readers
Benke Seeks To Silence The Opposition
Beware of Bigotry in the Name of God
BHE Minutes Favor Third LCMS Seminary - Plus Observations
BHE Reconsiders PLI (for the 4th time!) at Irvine
Benke To Speak On 'It's OK to Pray' In Florida
BHE to Vote on PLI For a Third Time
BHE Trashes LCMS Clergy in National Press
Brain Washing and Mind Control Conspiracy Orchestrated in LCMS District Offices
The Back Side of God: Comments and Luther's Text
Board of Directors To Address Kieschnick's Travel Expenses
Board Chairman Says Fort Wayne Will Not Answer on Voter Supremacy
Bohlmann Blasts Barry On Justification
Bolland Writes: "Its Time To Leave [LCMS]" RN replies
'Can These Bones Live?' Dr. Laurence White Evaluates The LCMS
Call Declined: Names Needed
California Laywoman Calls For Kieschnick's Resignation
Can Churches Afford the Liability?
Can the Choir Consecrate the Elements During a Communion Service?
Cascione Removed From CAT41's TableTalk Four Days Before Walther Conference
Cascione to Marquart: If Not Voter Supremacy Then What?
Cascione To Cover Las Vegas Casino Clergy Conference
Cascione To Speak In California
CAT41 Website Expects Apology From Cascione
Catholics, Schuller, & Disney: So. California Religion Pace Setters
"Central Illinois District Resolution Accuses of Benke of Sin"
CCM Ruling Overturns Congregational Supremacy In LCMS
CCM Rules LCMS President Free to Act in Extraordinary Circumstances
"Central Illinois District Resolution Accuses of Benke of Sin"
C.F.W. Walther, Justification, and the Joint Declaration Joint Declaration
Rev. Daniel Preus
C.F.W. Walther: Theologian for the Layman
Rev. Robin Fish
Charges Against Preus: Benke and Matzat Teach Allah Is True God
Challenge to PLI and Norbert Oesch
Change In Nicene Creed By Worship Commission Opposed to 98 Resolution
Child Selling Legal in Michigan
Christian music controlled by secular music industry
Christmas and the Old Testament
David Greatrix
"Christmas, Caesar, and God"
A Christmas Memento for the Millennium
Church Growth Promises Guaranteed Blessings To 10% Givers
Church and Ministry
C.F.W. Walther
Church & Ministry: The Missouri Synod's Black Hole
Clarification on Fort Wayne Chairman's Expletives
California Conservatives Prepare For 2004 LCMS Convention Crisis
"Confidential" Letter Supports Wenthe For LCMS President
The 10 Commandments, Judge Roy Moore, The Federal Courts, And Luther
Comments from Laymen and Pastors on Michigan's Core Values
Concerning the Name "Lutheran"
C.F.W. Walther
Concord Replies to United List for Wenthe
Concordia Ann Arbor Offers Power Surge in Chapel
Concordia Austin Cuts Back Organ Department
Plus Responses to Prior Articles
Concordia Journal Advocates Flexibility Instead of Voter Supremacy
Concordia San Antonio Continues to Shrink
Concordia San Antonio Debt Reported at $22,000,000.00
Concordia Seward Claims 25 Students Studying the Organ
Confessing the Athanasian Creed Necessary for Salvation
"Confessionals" Capitulate to Core Values
Confusion About Good Friday Plagues the LCMS
Congratulations Christian News On 40 Years Of Publishing
Congregation Can't Repay $14,000,000.00 LCEF Loan: Pastor Resigns
The Congregation is the Kingdom of Christ on Earth
Congressman Dannemeyer To Tour Texas For LCMS Laymen's Rights
Congressman Seeks Fairness at 2004 LCMS Convention
Conservatives Meet to Select Candidates But Divided on President
Contemporary Worship:
Last Step Before Dropping Out of Christianity
Contemporary Worship Versus Luther on the Wrath and Grace of God
Constitution and By-Laws
Redeemer Lutheran Church - St. Clair Shores, Michigan
Consulting Firms Help Reorganize Texas and Michigan Districts
Convention and Mission Information
The C.O.P. and Arleigh L. Lutz Leading LCMS Congregations into Chaos
COP Chairman Sees Woman Ordination a Possibility in the LCMS
COP Guidelines on Joint Worship from The Reporter, May 2, 1983
C.O.P. Prepares Congregations For The New End Times: LCMS Millenialism
Correct Doctrine and Practice Are Necessary For Faith In Christ
Corrections and Update on The Murder of Lorna Vermeulen
Could Kieschnick Resort to a Plebiscite in the Benke Case?
Council of Presidents Restricts Freedom of Congregations
Rev. Al Loeschman
Court Returns LCMS Layman to Dallas Congregation
CPH Interim President Speaks Out About Gay Episcopal Church
A Critical Review of The Texas District President's Critical Review of LCMS Doctrinal Unity
Dannemeyer's Overture To Give Lay People Equal Representation In LCMS
Dannemeyer Takes On PSW District Hierarchy
Dallas Paper Reports As LCMS Mega-Church Competes Against New Giant Baptist Mega-Church
Death At Twin Towers: Was It Wrath or Grace of God?
Death of the ELCA: Is Missouri Next?
Dedication Speech of St. Louis Seminary 1883
Defending The Athanasian Creed Is Up Hill Battle In LCMS
Defense of the Voters' Assembly Called Heresy
Definition of the Trinity
Deliberating a Call to Prince of Peace in Goshen, Indiana
Demon Possession or Hysteria?
Dictatorship in the Name of Leadership
Did Luther Change his views from congregation supremacy to Pastoral Hierarchy?
Did Luther Change from Congregational Supremacy to Pastoral Hierarchy?
[Part 2 of "Did Luther Change?"]
The Distinction Between Orthodox & Heterodox Churches
Dr. Franz Pieper
District Offices Bleed Synod Dry
District Officials Support Werning's False Doctrine About Trinity
District President Answers Congressman Dannemeyer About PLI
District Presidents React to Benke's Suspension
District President Refuses To Disclose Amount Of Funds Given To PLI
The Divine Institution of the Local Congregation
Rev. William Bischoff
Do Manhattan Churches Signal A Trend For The US?
Does God Bless Those Who Bless the Jews?
Reply To Elowsky: Apart From Jesus, there is no other God!"
Does Wenthe Teach the Pastor Has Authority Over the Congregation?
Don Matzat Condemns Schulz Suspending Benke
Don Matzat Corrects the Record on Kieschnick & Preus
Don Matzat Debates Louis Sheldon About Benke on O'Reilly Factor
Don Matzat: New Prophet of the Postmillennial Era
Dr. Robert Preus on Justification
Dr. Seulflow Called to Heavenly Home
Dr. Norbert Oesch Not Listed In 2003 LCMS Clergy Roster
Dr. Wohlrabe and Rev. Cascione Discuss Walther and Voters' Assemblies
Dr. Wohlrabe and Rev. Cascione's Exchanges on Voters' Assemblies and Dr. C.F.W. Walther
Easter and Probate Complications
The Economics of Abortion: Dannemeyer & Hyde
ELCA Assembly Agenda To Include Same-Sex Union Discussion
ELCA Convention Focuses on Homosexual and Lesbian Clergy
ELCA Leader Promotes Acceptance of Gays and Change
ELCA Wrestles With Trinity
ELCA Youth Vote: Jesus Makes Gay OK
Elowsky Supports Werning On the Trinity
(Reply) To Elowsky: Apart From Jesus, there is no other God!"
The Enduring Relevance of the Doctrine of Justification
Rev. Rolf Preus
Episcopal Church Elects Gay Bishop and Canadians Endorse Gay Marriage
The Evangelical Lutheran Church the True Visible Church of God on Earth
C.F.W. Walther
"An Evangelical Lutheran Newsletter" (from the Michigan 102)
Rev. Larry Eckart, et al.
Evangelism Materials Used to Promote Adult Instruction Class
Excommunication: To Save Souls or Control Members?
Excommunication: Who Is Responsible?
Rev. Martin E. Kiesel
Faith Inkubators LCMS Connection
Faith Inkubators: What Do They Teach?
Faithful To Our Calling -- Faithful To Our Lord
Faculty of Concordia Seminary
A Few Responses on Voter Supremacy and Wohlrabe

Field Report - NY 09/18/01: From LCMS Chaplain in Pennsylvania
Rev. Dean Kavouras

Fiery LCMS Convention Keeps Congregations Above Clergy
First Lutheran "Cathedral" In the Americas Under Construction in Texas
First Presidential Address - 1848
C.F.W. Walther
First Walther Conference in St. Louis: Nov 5-6, 1999
First Walther Conference in St. Louis:
Summaries of Papers and Biographies of Conference Speakers
Five Candidates Down to Two-Man Race for LC-MS President
For Advent: Luther on Joseph
Fort Wayne Chairman Defends Silence on Voter Supremacy: We Reply
Fort Wayne Chairman Questions Cascione's Ministry
Fort Wayne Chairman Supports Voter Supremacy: Cascione Repents
Fort Wayne Continues To Delude LCMS About Walther and Voter Supremacy
Fort Wayne: Long on Form But Short on Polity?
Fort Wayne Will Not Agree With Walther
Forward: Reclaiming the Gospel in the LCMS
Fourth National Free Conference on C.F.W. Walther
Foundation and LCEF Losses Don't Stop Support for PLI to Change LCMS
Foundation Takes $40M Hit
L. Blecker
Fourth National Free Conference on C.F.W. Walther
Ft. Wayne Faculty Polled on Voter Supremacy
Furnishing Your Library with the Internet
Brad Vincent
Future of the LCMS
Speakers to Address this Issue at the 4th National Free Conference on C.F.W. Walther
Gender Confusion is Hallmark of Woman Ordination Advocates
The Gospel and Sacraments Are Validated by the Voters Not by the Pastor
Grace Through the Pastor or Through the Means of Grace?
The Grassroots of the LCMS Came To the Walther Conference
The Grumpy Old Men of Affirm
God Calls Larry Keiser
God Is Our Refuge and Strength
Godless Americans Taking Cruises Without Clothes
Has Massachusetts Annulled All Marriages?
Heider Explains Taking Communion from Woman ELCA Pastor
Highlight of the 2001 Fort Wayne Symposium
The Holy Desire and Duty of all Christians to Lead Souls to Christ
C.F.W. Walther
The Hottest Book In Synod
Home and State Are Above The Church Says Luther (Second in a series of  six)
How Gay Is The ELCA?
How Many 2004 LCMS Delegates Are Hand picked by The Pastor?
How Many Employees In Each District
How to Make This Lent Unforgettable
Hyper-Euro-Lutherans: Another Self-Extinguishing Social Experiment
In Defense of Ugly Churches
In Remembrance: A.L. Barry, The Right President at the Right Time
Increased Polarization To Mark 2001 LC-MS Convention
Indiana District President's Response and Our Reply on Mission Congregations
Indiana Exec Replies to Article on Advent Lutheran Church
Is Baptism Necessary for Salvation?
We Offer Luther's Opinion
Is Benke Telling the Truth About Luther and Allah
Is It A Baptism Or No
Is Marquart Protesting Too Much?
Is Synod Church? Many in Missouri Want To Be Like Wisconsin
"Is The Holy Spirit Using The LCMS Nominating Committee?"
Is the LC-MS Call Process Being Politicized by the COP?
Is The LCMS Nominating Committee Prejudiced Against Lutheran Jews?
Is the Missouri Synod Over?
Is Your Congregation Becoming A PLI/Church Growth Movement Church?
Georgann McKee and Florence Missildine
Is Your Lutheran Church Heterodox or Orthodox?
Is Synod Violating Its  Handbook To Keep Oesch on LCMS Roster

Islam: The Way of Submission to Allah
Rev. Richard A. Bolland

Jesus First?
'Jesus First' Attempts to Turn LCMS Into ELCA
"Jesus First" Says Prayer Is OK But It's Not Worship!
'Jesus First' Blames Deceased Robert Preus For Synod's Problems
Rebuttal to Buegler's 'Enter the Confessionals' Pastor Cascione replies to Jesus First blaming Robert Preus for Synod problems
"Jesus First" Challenges the Church Growth Study Committee Report
"Jesus First" Claims CCM [Not the Bible] Exonerates Benke
"Jesus First" Continues To Support Werning's Lies About The Trinity
Jesus First Copies Outback Steakhouse
"Jesus First" Defends Werning's False Teaching On Trinity: We Reply
"Jesus First" Faces Tough Times in Worship Land
'Jesus First' Organizing To Reelect Kieschnick
"Jesus First" Plays the Walther Card
"Jesus First" Problem With God: Werning Files Charges On Cascione
'Jesus First' Promotes Kieschnick, Muchow, and Werning Book
"Jesus First" Promotes New God for LCMS
"Jesus First" Requests Correction From "Reclaim News"
'Jesus First' Says Kuhn Should Apologize
'Jesus First' Uses Werning for Political Purposes
Jesus Had To Be A True Human Male and True God
Johnson Agrees to Walther Conference At Concordia Seminary St. Louis
Jury seated in Lutheran suit
June 2001 Lutheran Witness: Clergy or Doctrine in Crisis?
Just Desserts Offered by PLI to Convention Delegates
Justification, Good Works, and Marriage
Kieschnick & District Presidents Steal 2004 LCMS Convention Election
Kieschnick Rejects Anti-Gay Clergy Overture To 2004 LCMS Convention
Kieschnick Kicks "Wally Schulz Overture" Out of Convention Workbook
Kieschnick Answers Werning:
Voters' Assembly Waits to Meet With Werning
Kieschnick Asks COP To "Discipline" Conservative
Kieschnick Admits to Unauthorized Travel Expenses
Kieschnick Disciplines Enemies and Forgives Friends In Reporter
Kieschnick, a Master of the Church Growth Hustle
Kieschnick Calls on Schulz to Reverse Benke Suspension
Kieschnick Distances Himself From "Jesus First" and Christian News
Kieschnick, Hanegraff, Wally Schulz & Benke Case
“Kieschnicks Identified as ‘Light of the World’”
Kieschnick Letter to Synod
Kieschnicks Mount-up Record Travel Expenses
Kieschnick Misleads LCMS About His Own Actions On LCMS BOD
Kieschnick Over Wenthe: What Happened?
Kieschnick Plans to Overturn Schulz Decision in Benke Case
Kieschnick Placed Above LCMS Board of Directors By Three CCM Rulings 
Kieschnick's Comments on Gay Bishop and Replies
Kieschnick Says, "Doing The Gospel" is Mission of the LCMS
Kieschnick's Strategic Plan For the LCMS
Kieschnick Plans To Reverse Schulz Decision In Benke Case
Kieschnick Questions Cascione's Accuracy in Christian News Article
Kieschnick Reports on Benke
Rev. Al Loeschman
Kieschnick's C.O.W. Is Wrong On Changing the Nicene Creed
Kuhn - Former LCMS President - Questions Future of Synod
Las Vegas Has a Few Lessons For the LCMS
Lay People Are Not Being Taught About God's Calling For Them (First in a series of  six)
Lay People Have Divine Calls From God (Third in a Series of Six)
Laypeople Hear Marquart at the Walther Conference
The Last LCMS Pastor to Believe All of God Died on the Cross?
LCMS Ignores Request To Follow Congregational Constitutions
LCEF Loans to Mega-Churches in Default?
LCMS 2004 Convention Music Director Jailed For Murder
The LCMS: Can It Remain a Unified Synod Without Congregational Polity?
LCMS Black-Ministry Wants To Raise $250k for MLK Memorial
By: "Stan Slonkosky"  Submitted by layman Ron Hunt
 LCMS Board of Directors   Saves KFUO  
LCMS Board of Directors Thwarts Kieschnick’s Attempted Coup
 LCMS BOD Wants To Know ReclaimNews Source For January 12 Release
LCMS Conservatives Gather For Crucial LCA Chicago Meeting April 23-24
LCMS Ecclesiastical Supervisors Give Immunity From Expulsion
LCMS Claims Last Prayers In Twin Towers Were Not Acts of Worship
LCMS Clergy Worship With Jews and Moslems At Valpo Chapel
LCMS Clergy to Debate Definition of God: Clergy Witnesses Wanted
LCMS Clergy Do Not Agree Christ Had To Be A Human Male
LCMS Commission Exonerates Benke
LCMS Confusion Confessing the Gospel vs. Luther's Confession of the Creeds
LCMS Congregations Adopt "Faith Inkubators" New World Order Catechism
LCMS Congregations Adopt New World Order Catechism
LCMS Convention Has Unlikely Ally In Ousted ADL Member
LCMS Crisis Management in the Benke Case With a Flawed System
LCMS District President Endorses Werning's Doctrine of Trinity
LCMS Doctrine of Trinity Under Attack
LCMS Fifth Vice President Resigns As LCMS Liaison To Int'l LLL
LCMS First VP Daniel Preus Objects to Benke's Unionism
By Rev. Daniel Preus
LCMS Foundation VP Reneges on Invitation to Fall 2000 Conference
LCMS Foundation VP Response to Cascione About $40,000,000
LC-MS: Geneva or Wittenberg?
Mr. Lamar Blecker
LCMS Kansas Pastors Told How To Improve Their Marital Relations
LCMS Liturgy Committee Opposed To Change in Nicene Creed
LC-MS Mega-Church Pastor Challenges Facts on Foundation
LCMS Officers' Silence On Definition Of God Confuses Laypeople
LCMS Pastors Argue Against The Validity of Their Calls
LCMS Pastor Makes Strong Case For Changing the Nicene Creed
LCMS Praesidium Continues to Adjudicate Werning vs Cascione On Trinity
LCMS Praesidium Terminates Case Against Cascione
LCMS Places Newspaper Statement About 'Joint Declaration'
LCMS News/Dr. A.L. Barry
LCMS Praesidium Arrives at Political Solution to Justification Error
LCMS Praesidium Does Not Agree With Werning's Charges Against Cascione
LCMS President Ruled Immune From Censure
LCMS Seminaries and Pastors Moving From Walther to Loehe
LCMS Teacher's Convention Receives Invalid Communion
LCMS Church Trial- "Did God Die in Christ?" Werning vs. Cascione
The LCMS: "To Be Or Not To Be" According to Resolution 7-17
LCMS Website To Count Gospel Witnesses: More Ablaze Flimflam
LCMS University President Receives Communion From Woman Pastor
LCMS Voters' Assemblies On the Way Out
Leadership and the Joy of Spending Other People's Money
Leadership Fad: The Art of Self-Importance
Leadership Is No Substitute for Theology
Left Behind Movies and Novels Are in Error
Marcel LeRoy
2 Lectures in North Carolina
Letter from COP President on Benke to District Presidents Prior to Last Meeting
Letter from LCEF and Reply
Letter from Members of Congress
Letter to BHE From Ladies Against PLI
Letter to BHE Objecting to RSO Status for PLI by California Committee
Letter to LCMS Board of Directors By Rev. David Dissen
Legal Counsel Advised LLL On How To Fire Schulz
Legal Opinion Places LCMS President Under Board of Directors
Legalistic LCMS Churches Force Members To Follow Church Growth Laws
LCMS BOD versus Kieschnick and The COP
LCMS Praesidium Stonewalls Questions About Trinity In Werning Case
LLL and LCMS Caught in Ethical Conflict in Schulz-Benke Case
LLL Claims Neutrality But Sides With Kieschnick & Benke
LLL Leaders Cited For Lapse In Ethical Conduct
LLL Members Coached To Respond To Questions About Schulz Firing
LLL Suffers Collateral Damage as "Jesus First" Seeks to Re-elect Kieschnick
LLL Wants Schulz to Withdraw from Benke Case

Logia' Perpetuates Missouri's Theology and Polity Crisis

'Logia' Contributing Editor Responds to Reclaim News

Logia's Continued Assault on Walther and Voters' Assemblies
Luther's Advice On How To Start Your Own Church
Luther and Barry Reply to the Pope's Claim to be the True Church
Luther and the Presence of God in the Genesis Commentary
[Part 3 of "Did Luther Change?"]
Luther Answers Benke In Luther's Works AE Vol. 9 pages 52-55
Luther Compares Joseph With the Return of Christ
Luther Doubted Baptists and Sacramentarians Were Christians
Luther Explains Christ's Humanity and the Trinity to Laypeople
Luther on Family, State, and Church
Luther on Church & Ministry in His Genesis Commentary:
Did Luther Change?
Luther, Marriage, Church & State
Luther Notes On Psalm 110 and Easter"
Luther on Congregational Voting: Attention LC-MS Convention Delegates
Luther On God's Purpose For Us
Luther on Marriage: Isaac and Rebecca
Luther On Ministers Affecting The Sacrament Without Voters
Luther on Redemption, the Resurrection, and Easter
Luther on Supreme Voters Judging Doctrine: Attention 2001 Delegates
Luther: On the Crucifixion of Christ and Original and Actual Sin
Luther on the Date of Easter
Luther Taught That Households Should Govern The Church.
Luther Movie- Luther As Hamlet
Luther: On True Worship Before the Fall
[Part 4 of "Did Luther Change?"]
Luther on Virtual or Real Good Works
Luther Speaks About the Gospel
Luther States Ordination Is Not a Sacrament: Churches Make Pastors With A Call
Luther, the Trinity, Werning, the IRS, and "Jesus First"
"Luther Quest" Accused Of Unionism For "Calling" Rolf Preus "Chaplain"
Luther Quest Webmaster Announces 500,000 hit
Lutheran Architectural Landmark Dedicated in Houston Texas
Lutheran Architectural Renaissance Begins June 25, in Houston, Texas
Lutheran Architectural Revolution Begins in Houston
Lutheran Hour Ministries Website Appeals to Decision Theology
Lutheran Foundation Loses $40 Million of Your Dollars
Luther Says: On Good Friday Christ Became the Sinner For The World
Lutheran Pastors and Lay People Reply In Support of LHM Synergism
Lutheran Scholars Answer:     Is It a Baptism Or Not
Lutz Says "Study Benke Issue" But Ignores 1983 COP Worship Statement
Marriage: A Higher Calling Than Ordination (4th in a series of six)
Maier Supports Benke's Prayer w- Moslems in Y.S.
Make This Lent Unforgettable
Marquart Claims Correct Doctrine Must Precede Evangelism
Marquart Keeps Avoiding Voter Supremacy
Marquart Keeps Supporting the Divine Institution of the LCMS
Marquart Maintains Synod is Church / Cascione Replies
Marquart Opposed to Voters' Assemblies
Marquart Replies Again But No Support For Voter Supremacy
Marquart Replies to Reclaim News on Loehe and Voters' Assemblies With Our Reply
Marquart Responds to Christian News on Fort Wayne
Marquart Says Cascione Parts Company With God on Voter Supremacy
Marquart Says Kieschnick Keeps Misapplying CTCR Statement
Marquart Still Opposed to Voter Supremacy in LCMS Congregational Constitutions
Marquart Questions Kieschnick's Reliance On By-Laws Instead of Bible
Martin Chemnitz' Summary of the Holy Trinity from 1591
Martin Marty to Speak at 50th St. Louis Seminary Alumni Reunion
Matzat and Benke Divided on Deity of Christ At Las Vegas
Matzat Assails LCMS Board of Directors Over Letter To Synod
Matzat Replies To Suncoast Casino Criticism &Reclaim News Rebuttal
Matzat Sins By Claiming Allah Is Confessed In The Apostles' Creed
Media Catches Up To Luther on Celibacy, Whoremongers, Homosexuals & Pedophiles
Media Confused by Charges Filed Against LCMS President Kieschnick
Meeting With Barry in St. Louis
Mega-Churches Carving Up LCMS
"Men" or "Human Beings" in the Creed: But What Does the Bible Say?
Mequon Theses Begin the Worship Revolution
Michigan Commits to Core Values: A Gospel Alternative
Michigan District Convention Adopts Core Values
Michigan District Office and Board Refuse To Confess Three Creeds
Michigan District Promotes Law of Explosive Growth
Michigan Threatens To Filibuster Task Force From Convention Floor
Millennialists Claim Armageddon Begins:
Replies With Our Own Prophesies
Miscarriage and Baptism: Comfort From the Bible
Misleading Copy of Benke's Prayer from Northwest District President
Missouri Synod Confesses 150 Year Old Doctrine of Church and Ministry
Missouri's Victory Over Church Hierarchy
Missouri vs. Buffalo: Controversy Over the Church - It's Back
Missouri vs. Buffalo: Voter or Pastor Supremacy?
Minority Objection From LCMS Board Members Sent to COP
More LCMS Clergy Rejecting the Supremacy of the Voters' Assembly
More LCMS Pastors Open to Episcopal System VS. Voters Assemblies
More Unusual Quotes from Luther's Genesis Commentary
The Motives and Qualifications of A Genuine Church-Member
Mrs. Kieschnick Speaks During Husband's Sermon At LCMS Youth Gathering
MTV, Teen Sex, and Spring Break
Multiple LCMS Districts Seek Explanation for Benke in NYC Prayer Service
Mundinger Quotations on Battle for Voter Supremacy
My Facilitator: A New Kind of LCMS Pastor?
A Negative Review of "How To Start Or Keep Your Own LCMS Church"
Nehrenz Reviews 1998 LCMS Convocation on Church and Ministry
Mr. Clyde T. Nehrenz
New Book for Lay People: How to Start or Keep an LCMS Congregation
New LCMS Creed Convinced Mormons to Seek Fellowship
New Opulent Architectural Style Emerging Among Evangelicals
"New Testament" or "New Covenant:" What Does Luther Say?
New Video From Texas Will Change American Lutheranism
New York City Council Passes Resolution Supporting Benke
New York City versus The LCMS
New York Times Publishes Story on Benke, Kieschnick, and Otten
1999 Reclaiming Texas Tour
News About LCMS Elections, Finances, and Trends
NICL Should Stick With Theology When Going After Kieschnick
No. 4201: Meditation at Table on Christmas Day December 25, 1538
No End in Sight to Benke Case
No Reply From Oesch After 10 Days
Noland Withdraws From Debate With Cascione
No One Has Disciplined The Michigan 102
Northwest District President Urges Support for Benke
Numerous Contradictions at 2004 LCMS Convention
NWD President Tells Congregation To Remove Pastor For 'Scaring Sheep'
Obligations of Church Membership
Observations on the Oath of a Catholic Priest
Oesch and Cascione to Meet in California: Is There a PLI Conspiracy?
Oesch Endorses Seminex Manifesto and Dumps Walther
Oesch Objects to Cascione Walther Conference Paper
Oesch Replies to "Ten Tests of Evil"
Oesch Rescinds Seminex Endorsement But Still Rejects Walther
Old LCMS Pastor Has Dream Of Fractured Synod
Official Judgement on Benke
Rev. Wallace Schulz
An Open Letter Regarding PLI (Pastoral Leadership Institute)
Rev. Fred Hertwig
Ordination: Then and Now; Pre- and Post-1962
Mr. Clyde T. Nehrenz
Our Conclusions on the Pastoral Leadership Institute
Vanguard of Confessional Lutherans
Overture To Return Facilitators To Pastoral Ministry By Dannemeyer
Overwhelming Support For Kuhn To Reclaim News
Parents of PLI
Papers Presented at the First Walther Conference: Nov 5-6, 1999
Papers Presented at the Second Walther Conference: Nov 3-4, 2000
Past Due Prophecy: We Should Have Warned You!
Pastor Bye Responds to Pastor Hinners on Episcopacy
Rev. Thomas W. Bye
Pastor Shortage
Pattern For 2004 LCMS Convention Set By Michigan District

Pastors Ask: "How Do We Refuse Participation in Interfaith Services?"
LCMS South Wisconsin District Pastoral Conference

Perfect Love Blows The Fog Away
People Not Taught to Fear God in Contemporary Worship
Peter Drucker: The Man Who Replaced C.F.W. Walther in the LCMS
PLI Promotes $300,000.00 Travel Expense Campaign for Kieschnick
PLI Replacing Pieper at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis
Retraction On St. Louis Seminary Not Using Pieper
PLI Moves Closer to Opening Third LCMS Seminary
PLI Rebuttal to BHE Rejection and Possible Tax Problems for PLI?
PLI Receives Funds After LCMS $40 Million Loss Over CCM Objection
PLI: The Test of Evil or Church - Oesch and Cascione Rockwell Meeting
The Pope: He's Back
Praise Music is Big Bucks Says USA Today:
Hooked on Mood Modification
President Kieschnick Objects to Reclaiming the Gospel in Texas:
Says Gospel is Alive and Well in Texas
911 Prayer Was A Worship Service But Kieschnick and Benke Say No
Prayer Is No Longer An Act of Worship In the LCMS
Preus Defends Wenthe- Cascione Replies
Preus Steps Out at the 2002 ACL Meeting
Prof. Marquart and Rev. Cascione on Voters' Assemblies
Proposed Convention Overture By Kurt Marquart
The Proper Form of a Lutheran Free Church
C.F.W. Walther
Proposed Resolutions (Overtures) for the 2001 LCMS Convention
The Pseudo-Sacrament of Ordination: A Growing Problem Among LCMS Clergy
Quotations on Confession For “St. Peter The Confessor” Sunday
Quotations and Resources On Prayer As An Act of Worship
Quotations From Massachusetts Ruling For Same Sex Marriage
Questions Raised About Atlantic District Use of 911 Relief Funds
Ralph Bohlmann Guides Day-Star to Church and Ministry Abyss
Rational For Selling KFUO    From  BCS Member
R.C. Lenski's Observation Of Missouri Doctrine in 1922
Reader Wants PLI - St. Louis Sem Connection Exposed
Real Lutherans Are Removed From The Lutheran Hour
Reader Response To Suncoast Casino Theological Convocation Article
Reasons for LCMS Losses and Solutions
Reasons Not To Nominate Kieschnick For LCMS President In 2004
To Reinstate Dr. Wallace Schulz as Lutheran Hour Speaker
The Receptionist View of the "Call":
How Some LCMS Clergy Reject the Divine Institution of Voters' Assemblies
Reclaiming the Gospel in Minnesota South District
Reclaiming the Gospel in the LCMS
"The Recycled Lutheran Church" aka Lamb of God Lutheran Church
Florence Missildine
Redeemer Voters Request Meeting with Dr. Waldo Werning
Reflections on the Funeral Service of Dr. A.O. Fuerbringer
Rev. David R. Nehrenz
Report On Daystar (Dullstar) Conference At Chesterfield , MO 
Resolution Adopted To Place Kieschnick Under Supervision of MO DP
Resolutions for LCMS Congregations From Walther Free Conference

The Removal of Pastor Jerry: An Eyewitness Account
Don & Sharon Gutz

Revoking LLL Auxiliary Status Considered by LCMS Board of Directors
Reply from Confidential Letter Signer & Reclaim Rebuttal
Replies to Invalid Communion at LCMS Teacher's Convention
Replies to Kieschnick on the Radio and in the Phoenix Tribune
Replies to: The Trinity Under Attack by Werning and LCMS Officials
Reply to Marquart Who Doesn't Agree With LCMS Constitutions
Reply to Marquart:
Why There Must Be Voter Supremacy in the LCMS
Reply to Rev. Stolz on Luther's Support for Sacrament of Ordination
Report on Meeting Between Oesch & Cascione
Report on the Second C.F.W. Walther National Free Conference
Reporter Objectivity on Justification Lacks Loyalty to the Gospel
Request to Fort Wayne Chairman to Support Voters' Assemblies
2 resolutions adopted by the pastors at the Central IL District Church Workers Conference
Resolution 7-17 Asks 2001 Convention If It Still Wants To Be The LCMS
Resolutions That Impact Doctrine and Practice of LCMS Congregations
Replies to: "Preus Steps Out at the 2002 ACL Meeting"
Response to Questions About the Importance of Voters' Assemblies
Response to Scaer's 12 False Claims About Voters' Assemblies in Logia
Response to the 102 and Their "Evangelical Lutheran Newsletter"
Rev. Davidson: Our Source About The Valpo Service
Review of "Apostolic Style and Lutheran Substance" by David Luecke
Review of the Movie "Luther" by Paul T. McCain, Head of CPH
A Review of "How to Start or Keep Your Own LCMS Congregation"
Rev. William Bischoff
A Review of the Revised "God's Word" Bible
Rock 'n' Roll Church Stirs Up Detroiters
David Crumm - The Detroit Free Press
Ron Hunt to be Excommunicated on Sunday, July 23, 2000
Rosin Backs Walther in June 2002 Lutheran Witness
The Sacrament of Unity in a Divided Christendom: Closed Communion in Contemporary Context
The Commission on Theology and Church Relations of Lutheran Church--Canada
St. Louis Not Giving Credit For PLI: Our Reply to Dr. Bartelt
St. Louis Seminary Professor Defends And Teaches For PLI
Saint Louis Seminary to Grant 18 Graduate Credits to PLI Students
St. Louis Seminary To Grant Credit For PLI Courses
The Rev. Dr. Wallace Schulz Will Not Return to Lutheran Hour Ministries
Schulz Accepts Call To Lutheran Heritage Foundation
Schulz and Marquart: Two View Points On the LCMS Problem
Schulz Compared to Nazi in Benke Case: LCMS Character Assassination
Schulz's Letter Explaining How He Was Fired From the LLL
Charges Against Schulz and First Set of Stipulations
Second Set Of Charges and Stipulations Presented To Schulz By LLL
Schulz Fired From Lutheran Hour / Missouri Witches Back Benke
Schulz Tells How LLL Covered Up Facts About His Removal
Schulz To Speak IN Jackson Missouri
Second Annual National Free Conference on C.F.W. Walther: St. Louis Nov 3-4, 2000
Seminex Sypathizer Martin E. Marty to Preach to Lutheran Teachers
Sermon on Y2K from American Bankers' Association
75-Year-Old Woman Stops PLI Leader Dr. Oesch
Sex and the Seeker Service
The Sheep Judge Their Shepherds
C.F.W. Walther
Should LCMS Pastors Be Called 'Father?'
(1)"Should We Change The Nicene Creed In the LCMS ? "
(2)"Should We Change The Nicene Creed In the LCMS ? "
(3) "Should We Change The Nicene Creed In the LCMS ? "
(4) "Should We Change The Nicene Creed In the LCMS ?"
Slavery, Humanism, & the Bible: Selections from Lehre und Wehre
Some Thoughts About the "sanctified integrity of liturgy and worship"
Rev. Thomas Handrick
Summa on Two Porisms
Rev. Ralph Tate
Sunday worship, Hollywood-style
South Wisconsin District Affirms Synod's Historic Worship
Southern Illinois District President Responds to Benke Case
Rev. Al Loeschman
Speakers Will Address the Future of the LCMS at the Fourth National Free
Conference on C. F. W. Walther
St. Louis Seminary Official Responds To Reclaim News About PLI

Starting at the Beginning: A Layman's Guide to the Lutheran Confessions
Mr. Jim Huffman

Stephanite Emigration to America With Documentation
Dr. Carl Eduard Vehse
Stiffed: The Betrayal of LCMS Members When Voters' Assemblies Are Eliminated
Dr. Anne J. Driessnack
Suit Filed Against LCMS Foundation
Synod Is Not Church
Rev. William Bischoff
Synod's Presidents Now and Then
Synod's Loss of Members Predicted by Reclaim News Since 1995
Synod's Task Force Gets High and Low Marks
Take Advantage of Increasing Interest in Vacation Bible School
A Tale of Two LCMS Seminaries and PLI
A Tale of Two Synods
Target Store Manager: Model for LCMS Pastors?
Task Force Member Objects to Representation by Size of Congregation
Teaching LCMS Pastors to be CEO's
Texas Concord Review of "How to Start or Keep Your Own LCMS Congregation"
Rev. Al Loeschman
Texas Confessionals Legalistic on Statistic
Texas District Joins Willow Creek Association
Texas District Officers Deny Validity of Lutheran Annual Statistics
Texas District President and Vice Presidents Refuse to Answer Lawyer's Questions About Their Faith (Pt. 1)
Texas District President and Vice Presidents Refuse... (Pt. 2)
Texas District President Charges Cascione and Runzheimer
Texas District President's Meeting With Attorney Canceled
Texas District Vice President Confused on Which Creeds to Confess
Texas DP Cautions Churches Refusing Communion to Benke and Kieschnick
Texas Mega-Church Monopoly Risks 10's of LCEF Millions
Texas Vice President Defends Willow Creek Conference at LCMS Congregation
Texas Vice Presidents Deny Validity of 1999 Lutheran Annual Statistics
The Entire Bible Is About Christ
The Holy of Holies- A Type of the Empty Tomb
The Trinity: In Defense of the Correct Definition of God in the LCMS
The Liberal Lutheran Agenda Was About Homosexuality 
Theological Goals in the Architectural Planning Process
Rev. Laurence White
Three Candidates To Promote Corporate Hierarchy in LCMS
Three Eyewitness Reports of Our Savior Dedication in Houston, Texas
Three-Member LCMS Panel To Try Death of God Case- Werning vs. Cascione
Three of the Fifty Faculty at St. Louis Agreed With Voter Supremacy in LCMS Congregations
Three Quotes From Luther on Fanaticism
Too Good To Be True... But It's True!
Dr. A.L. Barry
A Tour of America's Largest New Mega-Church: Southeast Christian
"Traditional" LCMS Mission Congregation Keeps Growing
Training Lay People to be Voters is Only Way to Maintain LC-MS
Transcript on Who Died on the Cross:
Werning versus Cascione
The Trinity in the Word of God
The Trinity Under Attack by Werning and LCMS Officials
Two Approaches to Ministry at Fort Wayne: Passion or The Word
Two More Articles From The Dallas Morning News on the Prestonwood Behemoth
The Two Natures of Christ
2001 ACL Speaker Condemns Requirement for Voter Supremacy in LCMS
Unionism and Syncretism - and PLI
Rev. Al Loeschman
Unusual Quotations from Luther
Valparaiso Clergymen Repent of Blasphemous 9-11 Worship Service
Vatican/LWF Reach Agreement on Justification
The Voice As God's Instrument
David Greatrix
Voters' Assemblies- A Better Choice Than Clergy or Corporate Hierarchy
Voters' Assemblies: Why We Should Keep Them
Rev. Jack R. Baumgarn
The Voters' Assembly Is Invested With Authority From God
Voters' Assembly To Judge Werning's Doctrine of Trinity
Wall Street Journal Comments On Henrickson at Walther Conference
Wall Street Journal Discovers Law Doesn't Make Christians
Wall Street Journal Revisits the LCMS Foundation at Perry County
Walther On The Trinity- From An LCMS President Who Understood Theology
IV Walther Conference: Best Yet-Order Tapes-Time For Action
2003 Walther Conference At the Crossroads of the LCMS
Walther on Slavery in Response to Logia's Historical Revisionism
Walther's Original Structure for Missouri: What Few Lay People Know Today
War on Lay People Rages in LCMS Say Letters to Reclaim News
We Put The Creeds on Trial
Wedding Proposals By Joe Millionaire, The Bachelorette, & Walther
Wenthe Defends Scaer: Our Rebuttal
Werning attempts to misinform LCMS Board of Directors
Werning Begins New Publication Called 'The Polygraph'
Werning and 'Jesus First' Change Doctrine of the Trinity
Werning Calls Redeemer Lutheran Church "Sinful" & Threatens Lawsuit
Werning Condemns Schulz and Copies 40 LCMS Officials
Werning Continues to Blaspheme Trinity With Support of LCMS Officials
Werning Defends False Notions of God
Werning Draws More LCMS Pastors/Officials Into Heresy On Trinity
Werning Reverses on Trinity But Defends His Book
Werning Refuses to Say, "Jesus is God"
Werning Stonewalls on Confession of Jesus as God
Werning's Charges Over Trinity Against Cascione Go To Second Round
Werning writes in a seven-page letter addressed to the COP about Dr. Wallace Schulz's decision on the Benke
What About The Church Where Reclaim News Comes From
What Can the Lutheran Laity Do to Stop the Change and Keep Their Church Lutheran?
What Can You Do To Help?
Rev. Al Loeschman
What Does Scaer Mean: Pastors by Ordination or Voters' Assemblies?
What the Average Bible Reader Doesn't Know About the Christmas Gospel
What's Right About The Church Growth Study Committee Report
What's Wrong With The Church Growth Study Committee Report
What Walther, Pieper, Luther, & Confessions Say About Decision Theology
What, Where, Why, and Who, is Reclaim News
Without Faith, Christian Doctrine Divides Churches and People
'Where To Get Rev. White's Book On Adult Instruction Book
Who Broke the News to Media About Charges Against Kieschnick?
Who Will Be the COP Majority's Second Choice in 2004?
Who Died on the Cross?
Replies from LCMS Pastors
Who Is Paula Kammerstein Who Knows So Much About the Benke Case?"
Who Should Call and Ordain a Pastor, The Local Congregation or an Agency of Synod?
Congressman William Dannemeyer
Who Will Be the Next LCMS President? An Opinion
Who's the Seeker?  The Focus of Worship Should be God, Not Man
William H. Smith - WORLD Magazine
Would You Like To Be A Lay Delegate To The 2004 LCMS Convention?
Why Baptize Babies?
Why Get a Call When You Can Just be Ordained?
Why Go to Texas?
Why the Congregation Has Authority Over the Pastor
Why the Voters' Assembly Should be Supreme
Why Was The LCMS Unprepared For Election of A Gay Episcopal Bishop?"
Will Barry's 'Action Group' Put Out the Fire?
Will Marquart Debate?
Will the Mega-Churches Run Out of Money?
Will The Real Lutheran Pastors Please Stand Up?
Rev. Donald G. Matzat
Will Dr. Dean Wenthe Answer Questions About His Doctrine in Chicago?
Will Kieschnick Call For A Special Session of The LCMS Convention?
Wisemen Find Jesus, But Millennialists Come Up Short In 2002
Wohlrabe Reply to Cascione Questions
Wohlrabe to Cascione (1):
Insisting on Voters' Assemblies is Legalism
Wohlrabe to Cascione (2):
Getting Rid of Voters' Assemblies Is a Matter of Christian Liberty
Wohlrabe to Cascione (3):
What About the Laypeople Who Founded the LCMS?
Wohlrabe to Cascione (4):
Voter Supremacy Is An Abuse of Power
Wohlrabe to Cascione (5):
Voter Supremacy is the Only LCMS Polity
The Word Of God Is The Most Important Part Of The Worship Service
Woman Lobbies LCMS Commission About Removing 'Men' From Creed
Wyoming District Pastors' Conference Resolution & Mysterious Mr. Faur
Yamaha Praise Band Sweepstakes Promotes Worship Forum
You Had to Be There
Rev. Don Matzat
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